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FEBS Advanced Lecture Course on Systems Biology

Third FEBS Advanced Lecture Course ('the Gosau course') on

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Systems Biology: From Molecular Biology to Biological Function

March 7- 13, 2009 , Alpbach*, Austria , EU

(Please note that the dates will NOT be shifted to March 14- 20)

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The speakers list (pdf)

There will be 122 places for postdocs + Ph D students and 30 for Principal Investigators and 20 for participants from industry.

In view of the considerable pressure for participation, we recommend pre-registration by sending an e-mail to hans.westerhoff with 'preregistration' on the subject line.

If your e-mail contains a title of your proposed contribution to the course, and an indication of whether you would need financial support to add to the support you will be obtaining yourself, then this will help us in planning.
A number of FEBS fellowships will be available on competitive basis for members of constituent national societies (i.e. make sure you a member of one of these) and the associated societies in Africa. In addition, there will be fellowships for postdocs and Ph D students working on BMBF supported Systems Biology projects. And, on the basis of support from companies, we will be able to grant fellowships to some of the other participants, including those from outside Europe.

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The organizing committee consisting of Edda Klipp, Anneke Koster, Karl Kuchler, Uwe Sauer, and Hans V. Westerhoff are organizing the follow up of the highly successful first Advanced Lecture Course on Systems Biology, in March 2005.

The course is modeled after the first one, but with extra emphasis on the training components, i.e. much more time for black-board teaching.

Click here to see which top notch Systems Biologists have agreed to come and teach.

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The course proposal has been welcomed by FEBS and the FEBS has agreed to substantial financial support both for the course itself and in terms of student bursaries.

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